Dedicated Site

Open Atrium 2, fully hosted and managed by the experts.

Great for:
Entrepreneurs, Small teams, Families
Easy to use:   
Room to grow:   
  • Daily backups
  • Full configuration control
  • 10 free users (contact us for more)
  • Support available
From $50/mo.
or $500/year
Dedicated Server

Open Atrium 2 hosted on a dedicated, fully managed server.

Great for:
Small to medium-sized companies, larger teams, media-rich applications
Easy to use:   
Room to grow:   
  • Dedicated, scalable hardware resources
  • Sysadmins on staff
  • Custom code
  • Unlimited users
From $500/mo.
or $5 000/year
Multi-site Server

Host multiple dedicated sites on one or more servers

Great for:
Resellers, Multi-chapter organizations, Franchises
Easy to use:   
Room to grow:   
  • Host as many (or few) sites as needed.
  • Access to full control panel to schedule backups and other tasks.
Contact us
to discuss pricing