Libre software

We're committed to Free Software and Open Knowledge

We have built the service using an entirely open source software stack, and we contribute back wherever and however we can. That's why we've built our services atop Drupal, Open Atrium and Aegir.

All the components we've built to enable are freely available, and we encourage their use among clients, partners and competitors alike. So far, these include: Drupal modules, Drush extensions, Drush makefiles, Open Atrium features, Puppet modules, a Debian package, and a Drupal development environment.

Business Implications and how this relates to vendor lock-in

We don't believe that it's the particulars of our systems that our members host with us for; in fact, we give that away as Free Software. We hope instead that it's the know-how that comes with building such a system, and our dedication to forever improving it.

Anyone that isn't interested in the fair price that we ask is still welcome to use the knowledge we're accumulating and curating. To run it themselves, we make it as easy as possible for others to use our software, whether for their own benefit or to provide services for others. We encourage its adoption and use for any ethical and sustainable endeavour, whether entrepreneurial or social in nature.

Corollary Warning

These are increasingly complex and possibly critical systems, so please be responsible with their use. We do everything we can to protect the data that our members entrust us with, and offer a guarantee to that effect. Decide for yourself whether you have the knowledge (or willingness to climb a learning curve) to effectively run systems similar to our own.

Our Invitation

For anyone that does run our software, please make a habit of giving back, whether by answering another member's question, submitting patches, or anything in between.