Dedicated website with fully automated updates

Our service gives you the freedom to spread your wings and the safety that only regular security updates provide. You don't have to worry about managing a VPS or downloading modules: Our service does all that for you. That way you can focus on discovering the software and adapting it to your needs.

Calendar, event and task creation

Open Atrium 2 features project management tools such as calendars, events and task modules, that can be used out of the box or adapted to your workflow. The events can optionally be exported to external calendar services such as Google Calendar.

Projects, teams and groups

Centralize your communications and reduce the amount of "noise" on your mailing lists. Your users can be assigned to groups relevant to their responsibilities (committees, teams, workgroups etc), and communicate with one another without creating endless emails for unconcerned coworkers to trudge through.

Your users can be notified through email, text messages and more. If desired, they can respond without having to log into the website.

Full configuration access

You will have the roles and permissions necessary to customize and configure your Open Atrium site through the interface. You can go so far as to create user roles, layouts, activate modules, create content types and much more.

This makes your website extremely adaptable, and it can be suited to your workflow and best practices.

Daily backups

In case you have a little too much fun configuring your site, we back it up so that it can be restored to a previous state.

Mobile ready

Your site can be used through smartphones, tablets and other portable apparatus.

Pluggable functionality and ongoing development

See a module or feature you like? Let us know and we'll do our best to add it!

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